Laser Line Levels Review

From general contractors to air conditioning repairs and hanging frames to hanging plants to installing cabinets, levels are commonplace practically everywhere. Traditional levels help ensure that surfaces are flat. But line laser levels take it a step further. While they have the traditional bubbles to ensure a flat surface, they can also essentially create a virtual chalk line on any surface. This is perfect for layout, design and so many other tasks. From home improvement to complete remodels and construction, line laser levels are useful for myriad tasks.

There are different grades of line laser levels, and there are various tasks that each are designed to perform. For example, some are small enough to fit in your pocket, while others come with complete carrying and protective cases. Finding the right style of line laser levels is important when starting a project.

Line Laser Level: What to Look For

Line lasers come with various mounts, casings and other ways to keep them steady and level. Some will alert you with different colors or beeping noises if you've placed them outside of the designated level. Finding the right style for your job and personal liking can make using the line laser simpler and save you time. We've collected a few key features and styles to look for when shopping for one.

If you're going to be taking the laser line generator to construction sites and other hazardous locations, you'll need a sturdy unit. Some of the best line laser levels are constructed from hard plastic and come with protective casings. You should also be able to find line laser levels that have at least 10 hours of battery life, and most should offer at least 12 hours. The batteries are usually simple, consumer-grade AA or AAA batteries.

One of the most important construction options to consider is the mounting or stabilizing mechanisms included with the cross line laser level. Some come with tripods for pinpoint precision. Others have suction cups on the back. And some have wall-edge mounts. There are pros and cons to each of these individual mounting options, but the best line laser levels have more than one option for mounting them.

Line laser levels are much more than simple lasers. The precision must be perfect and the display must be visible and have a long range. The best line laser levels have a range of at least 30 feet and are accurate within a quarter of an inch in that range. This can change based on visibility and other extraneous factors, such as dust and other pollutants.

Customer Support
While it's unlikely you'll need to call a hotline for support while using your line laser level, it’s possible you may need to use a warranty. The length of warranties for these devices usually ranges between one and three years. Hopefully you won't ever need to take advantage of these programs, but it's important to know your options.

Line laser levels are useful for small and large construction projects. A laser level will help you achieve the beauty and safety you need in your home and garden.

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